Haunted Places in Wiltshire - The C's


Happy Monday everyone, hope you all had a good weekend. Sorry for the delay here are the C's :).

1) Calne - Road along Derry Hill - White Figure - A driver and his passenger spotted a white figure in the road in front of them as they drove late at night. Their sighting tied in with a local legend about the road being haunted by a person in white...(to continue reading follow this link to our new website http://www.wiltshireparanormal.co.uk/haunted-places-in-wiltshire/haunted-places-wiltshire-c/)

My Friends House Pt2


Hi everyone! Firstly I want to thank you all for viewing our blog, it has been live for a week now and 98 people have been visiting and coming back for more. Thank you very much you all make it worth the time to post :). 

So this Saturday I went back to visit my friend, this time I brought my DSLR camera to see what we could catch (if you don't know the story please see previous post My friends house :)). We didn't hear or experience anything really that night so we decided to take photos anyway. Firstly I went round, and I appeared to have nothing. Then my friend took out her camera and boom loads of orbs...(to continue reading this article follow this link to our new website http://www.wiltshireparanormal.co.uk/paranormal-goings-friends-house-part-2/)

A snippet of a haunted city...


Merry Thursday everyone!

A couple of things to look out for in the beautiful and historic City of Bath...

Bath Abbey Monks...

Phantom Monks are said to haunt the Abbey area in this Roman City..(to continue reading this article follow this link to our new website http://www.wiltshireparanormal.co.uk/bath-haunted-city/)

Haunted Places in Wiltshire - The B's


Hope you are all having a wonderful day, here are the haunted B's of Wiltshire.

1) Baltonsborough - St Dunstan's Church - Monk with Smallpox - This monk was supposed to have travelled from France to see meet his dying father at the church, however he contracted smallpox and himself died before completing his journey. His ghost now haunts the church, regretting his failure...(to continue reading follow this link to our new website http://www.wiltshireparanormal.co.uk/haunted-places-in-wiltshire/haunted-places-wiltshire-b/)

Paranormal claims at Nunney Castle in Somerset...



The Castles Construction…

It is a small, French-style castle surrounded by a deep moat, built in 1373, and said to have been based on the Bastille in Paris.

Played a part in the Civil Wars…

During the english civil wars (1642-51) Colonel Richard Prater, who held the castle until 1645, lost it to Fairfax, the commander of Cromwell's forces in the battle that took place at Nunney. The castle was besieged for two days, but capitulated when Cromwell's men used cannon to blast a great hole in the north wall of the castle. It was never lived in again...(to continue reading you will find the remainder of this article on our new website http://www.wiltshireparanormal.co.uk/paranormal-nunney-castle/)

The Brown's Folly Mystery


Sally in the Woods is a well known local story based in the Brown's Folly woods near Bath. Many people have reported to have seen ghosts or heard noises in this area and it's feared by many.

The area of Sally in the Wood lies beneath the woods of Brown's Folly. The stretch of road near here is apparently renowned for road traffic collisions. There have been at least 8 fatal accidents of which 7 have remained a mystery as to why they occurred. This road is thought to be haunted by Sally's ghost....(to read the remainder of this article follow this link to our new website http://www.wiltshireparanormal.co.uk/browns-folly-mystery/)

Haunted Places in Wiltshire - The A's


Hi everyone :) so me and the guys have been discussing where we would like to investigate. We may have a case coming up but here are some of the places we want to go and their history. If I have missed any off let me know! 

1) Avebury - I have but down just Avebury as after doing some research basically every scrap of grass in this tiny village is haunted haha.

 i) Avebury Manor - Reports of a White Lady ....(to continue reading please follow this link to our new website http://www.wiltshireparanormal.co.uk/haunted-places-in-wiltshire/haunted-places-wiltshire/)

My friends house


My best friend lives with her Grandpa in a lovely big house in Hilperton. Since she moved there we have experienced many different types of activity. I can honestly say it is the most haunted place I've been to so far. We've experienced lights turning on/off, really loud bangs, footsteps, what sounds like running on the landing, doors closing just to name a few. My friend has experienced many things on her own like warm indentations on her bed as if someone has been sat down, been woken up in the middle of the night by the feeling of someone watching her etc. One of the most scariest things she told me was one night really early in the morning the doorbell went. She instantly felt petrified....(to continue reading follow this link to our new website http://www.wiltshireparanormal.co.uk/paranormal-goings-on-at-my-friends-house/)

Hi Everyone...


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