Since we've been gone...


Hi There Paranorms!
It's been a while I know, and the W.P.I team have been very busy bee's indeed!
We've finally had our first official investigation, and I don't think any of us expected to find what we did...

Our first investigation took place at the grounds of Atworth Church- The church of st. Michael-
This church is a gorgeous 13th century church and has had some reports of a ghostly monk that wanders the church grounds, and other investigators have also reported being scratched whilst conducting their investigations:

We started the investigation by taking part in a ouija board; Emma kindly offered to film as myself and Jess took part and we found we came in contact with a spirit fairly quickly. It certainly responded to our questions! At one point the spirit was manipulating the planchette so quickly that myself and jess's fingers lifted off it briefly!
Towards the end of this interaction, Emma asked the spirit if they were stood behind her and the spirit responded 'Yes'.

We carried on a sweep of the area, and didn't get much in the way of EMF, although we were certainly feeling spooked.

One of the first events occured when myself and Emma were walking around the church getting a feel for the area, Jess was also doing the same but stayed at the front of the church in the same spot; there was a gap in the wall abouve one of the side doors and as we were walking past I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye in the gap, I took a closer look in the gap and I saw a face very quickly, I shone my torch in the gap but nothing was there at that point.

At this stage myself and Jess switches positions and Jess and Emma did another walk around the building, a few minutes into this I saw what I can only describe as a black cloaked figure walk around the corner of the church by the side door where I had seen the face; I was convinced it was a person and preceeded to run after it, I ran towards the back of the church but couldn't see anyone other than Jess and Emma who were around the opposite side of the church at the time and they had ran after me when they heard me react to the figure...

Throughout the course of the night we asked questions and tried to communicate with any spirits that may have been present there, we did get a few odd feelings and certainly heard some strange noises when we listened back to the voice recorder...for instance, I heard several moans at the start of the recording and also a baby cry which was very strange as there were certainly no babies present-
Later on in the evening we offered the spirits to use the energy from our equiptment to manifest and sure enough as soon as we mention it, there was a strange beeping sound on the recorder as if a mobile phone was going off next to it- but I can confirm that I did not have my mobile phone near the voice recorder at the time and this only happened that once.

The most amazing shocking piece of evidence we caught during that evening was also on the voice recorder, and the most prominent experience preceeded the evidence that we caught...this was around 50 minutes into the investigation and we were feeling a little un easy walking around the church grounds, so we decided to sit on the wall faceing the amazing stained glass window at the front of the church; Jess gasped as she kept seeing movement in the corner of the window, I hadn't seen anything at this stage but I watched, and sure enought I saw movement as well- it was almost as if someone was peering out and back in again:
we decided this would be a good opportunity to try and communicated with any spirits that may be trying to interact with us so we asked it a few questions, at one stage we asked it to come closer and oh certainly did that! We heard some russling coming towards us from just below the stained glass window and around towards the left side of us, at this point I felt someone poke me in the left side of my leg- I will admit, I did jump and understandably this startled the others as well and we did hastly retreat from the we were leaving and just about to approach the gate my voice recorder switched on on it's own and a very loud giggle came from it, again frightening us! We were very shocked as it seemingly switched on and immediately off again on its own, it was in my hand but to create those actions I would have had to locate a giggle on the file, pause the recording just before I played the giggle and then stopped it all in the space of a split second which is very difficult to manage, also the recording only stopped just before we would have heard the giggle so this doesnt fit either.
We listened back to the recorder shortly after we left the church and fast forwarded to that same area that we had experience the giggle and we were not prepared for what we heard...the first instance happens at 52.26mins and you hear very clearly some heavy asthamatic breathing coming through over us talking amonst ourself, this happens a few more times and them you very clearly sounds like 'Hello' in a breathy whisper. It then goes quiet.

We are looking at getting this recording onto here for you to listen as soon as possible but are unfortunately having a few technical issues uploading it due to my ammature mistake of using a non-USB compatible dictaphone! However we will resolve this and hopefully you can have a listen for yourselves very soon.

We were very please with the investigation and would like to go back to Atworth again for a bit of a longer investigation to see if we can unearth any other spooky happenings...

~W.P.I  - Truth is both a passion and a science~