A tale of unfortunate events...


Happy Monday Paranorms!:)
Apologies for the lack of investigation update;
The reason for this is that unfortunately, due to various reasons, our first investigation in Trowbridge was cancelled last Friday.
At the moment we are not rebooking with this case, however we will keep you updated as always!

We are not going to let a little set back stop the W.P.I team, Oh no!!! Our first investigation in this case, will be at the end of March and we are all very excited as this will be an all night investigation! (As opposed to our initial first investigation in which we only had 5 hrs to get our groove on!)
Watch this space for more details regarding this case to be posted soonest!

Until then, happy hunting Paranorms!

~W.P.I  - Truth is both a passion and a science~

Haunted Places in Wiltshire - The M's


Sorry for the hiatus guys! We are still here, just very busy. We have out first investigation on Friday, which we are all very excited for! In the meantime here is your long awaited dose of Haunted Wiltshire. 

1) Maddington - General area - Young Girl - Wearing a long white dress, this young girl barely in her teens has been reported in several parts of the village. It is thought she drowned in a flood which swept through the area in the mid nineteenth century. To read more please visit our new website here

Always come equipped…


As a Paranormal investigator, you must always prepare for an investigation and make sure you have the right equipment to gather successful and scientific evidence. But at the same time we believe that you do not need to be burdened with too much equipment to find what you are looking for; 
Here are the items you will need to conduct a successful Paranormal Investigation and gather sufficient evidence:
·       Audio recording device

·       Video Camera with night shot capability
·       EMF (Electro magnetic field) Meter
·       Torch
·       Digital Camera
·       Thermometer Laser or Air and Surface Digital Thermometer

·       And finally your most important and in-expensive tool of all…a notebook and a pen.
Happy hunting Paranorms!

~W.P.I  - Truth is both a passion and a science~

The W.P.I team’s first official investigation is coming up!


Yes, you did indeed read it correctly; we finally have our first official paranormal investigation confirmed for next Friday!!!
We will be conducting an investigation for a lady who wishes to remain anonymous in the Saxon county town of Wiltshire, Trowbridge.

I’m afraid that we cannot confirm the address or exact whereabouts of the building for confidentiality and safety reasons, but I can tell you a few things about the place…
This historic building was built in the 1800’s, with records of residency dating back to as early as 1835. It is a shop on the ground floor with a flat covering the first, second and third floors.

For all you history buffs, there is evidence that the land on which Trowbridge is built was being farmed more than 3,000 years ago. In the 10th century there is evidence of Trowbridge's existence and in the Doomsday Book the village of Straburg (as Trowbridge was known in that age), was recorded as having 100 residents.
There was said to have been a castle built at Trowbridge (or Straburg as it would have been known then).
The first mention in the history books of Trowbridge Castle was in 1139 while it was attacked.
The castle has been researched to have been a motte-and-bailey castle, and its influences can still be seen in the town today - Fore Street follows the path of the castle ditch, and its name is given to Castle Street and the Castle Place Shopping Centre.
Another interesting thing that I’ve found out is that most of the buildings in the area that we are investigating in were built with Limestone which is exciting and may prove the investigation to be more fruitful in this case. (*For an explanation of why we believe this fact may improve our chances of activity being caught, please refer to our earlier post “5 Types of Hauntings – Haunting #1 Residual Ghosts” written by ZombieGirl).

 The paranormal reports given to us by the home owner are mostly audio and uneasy feelings.
It all started when the home owner was in her bedroom very early in the morning and she heard a sigh as if someone was coming up the stairs to the bedroom; she assumed that it was her partner at the time coming back from leaving the building earlier that morning maybe because he had forgotten something (due to the sigh), however no-one revealed themselves and apart from her cat, the home owner was alone in the building. The interesting point of this as well is that it was unlikely she was hearing things as her cat, who was sat on the bottom of her bed at the time, also looked towards the door and stairway as if he had heard something at the same time as she had heard the sigh.

Another experience she explained was an account from a member of staff:
The member of staff was in the first floor of the building in the kitchen and the home owner was on the shop floor just below her; the member of staff at the time called up to the home owner saying “Did you want me?” the home owner, a little confused replied “No, why?” and the member of staff responded “Don’t worry.” Later on, the member of staff decided to tell the home owner why she had thought she was being called; the member of staff explained that she had heard what sounded like the little girl stood right next to her sighing. The member of staff thought logically at the time thinking it must have been the home owner calling her and she hadn’t heard her properly, however the more she thought about the occurrence after it had happened she felt she had to explain to the home owner what she thought she had heard.

Another employee experience that was explained to the home owner was when the employee was entering the shop in the morning, not long ago in fact, and as she entered there was a distinct giggling coming from back of shop that was not a familiar voice to the employee.
She checked the area and she couldn’t see anything that could have caused the noise and there was no-one else around at that time.

On a separate occasion, the home owner and the same employee were both on the shop floor stood next to each other whilst working and they both heard very clearly what sounded like a males laugh in the area between them.
There were no males in the building and no explanation for the noise found at the time.
The home owner has stated that she always feels as if she is being watched in any part of the building, things have been moved and fallen when there has been no rational explanation or cause for this happening and no-one else around to cause the happenings either.
W.P.I are very excited about this investigation, and would like to thank the anonymous Trowbridge Home owner for being our very first client.
Hopefully we can help solidify her claims of paranormal activity or help her to understand the experiences and if there are any rational explanations’ or causes – we will do our best to pay attention to every detail possible and I’m sure we will come up with some interesting stuff!
To be de-bunked or not to be de-bunked? That is the question…
Watch this space folks to discover our findings which will be posted within a week or so after the investigation once we have analyzed all the evidence.
Until next time Paranorms…
~W.P.I  - Truth is both a passion and a science~

Tips On How To Use An EMF Meter


An EMF meter is readily acknowledged as one of the more common items of ghost hunting tools now available. The primary concept of it is actually that experts claim spirits can give off a strong electro-magnetic field because of the reason that they will be applying energy within the surroundings to be able to reveal themselves. To read more please visit our new website here

Haunted Places in Wiltshire - The K's & L's


Afternoon everyone :) busy busy with me recently, so sorry about the delay!

1) Kilmington - Churchyard - Lord Stourton - Lord Stourton and his gang of murderous friends still lurk in the churchyard - Stourton was executed for killing his father's servant. The inside of the church is haunted by the murdered man. The GhostHunter blog did a post about this place last year, you can see it here. To read more please visit our website here.

The W.P.I team's Bath ghost walk adventures...


Good Morning Paranorm's! And happy Wednesday to you! ^_^

Well folk's, sorry for the delay as we had a few things to go over and analyse, but it's finally the moment you've all been waiting for... our review of the chilling Bath Ghost walk that the W.P.I team participated in last Thursday evening!!!

A lovely gentleman guide took us around the reported haunted sights in Bath which started at the Garicks Head public house (This itself also has its own chilling history). It was a small group as it was just the four of us doing the walk: the guide, Jess, Emma and myself.
The experienced guide told us tales of various buildings' histories and the lives of their former residence, some of which are thought to still remain within these areas today. I must say, we were hanging on his every word! If you would like to read more please visit our new website here

Haunted Places in Wiltshire - The H's


Today is the day of our ghost walk guys! We are all looking forward to it and will have fun writing up our experiences tomorrow :). So here's your daily does of the cold shivers.

1) Hannington - Jolly Tar public house - Scruffy Man - BBC Wiltshire reported that the landlady, chef and customers had all encountered a phantom middle-aged man, just under six feet tall. Paranormal group PSI reported recording strange sounds during a vigil. To read more please visit our new website here

Haunted Places in Wiltshire - The E's, F's & G's


Good morning everyone :). We are very excited to go on Bath's famous Ghost Walk tomorrow night! We will write up our experiences on Friday, until then here's your dose of Haunted Wiltshire...to read more visit our new website here

Do you fear the unknown?


We’ve all been afraid at some stage in our lives, whether it be of the ‘monster under your bed’, or that noise you hear in the middle of the night…to read more please visit our new website here

Paranormal Terms And Definitions


The supernatural appearance of a deceased person or animal. It is often too distant to be in the normal range of a persons view and is uncommon to see an appearance. A full bodied apparition shows the entire body of an animal or person...to read more please visit our new website here 

5 Types of Hauntings: What Kind of Ghost Haunts You?


The term ghost is widely used to refer to any paranormal activity that occurs in the home, but it is really a misnomer. Ghosts or the spirits of those who have passed on may cause a paranormal disturbance in your home , but they are not the only cause of a haunting. To determine the type of haunting, an understanding of different types of entities is necessary.

Haunting #1 Residual Ghosts

Residual ghosts are probably the most common type of haunting. It is believed that when a traumatic or emotionally charged event occurs in the lives of the living that it can be imprinted on the environment. Certain geological features like the presence of water, limestone and other stone features seem to hold images of past events. The residual ghost is seen performing the same tasks, walking the same path or singing the same song at regular intervals. The characteristic person searching for a lost love or walking passively through the area they inhabited when alive is almost certainly a residual ghost. They repeat the same pattern whether you are present or not. You cannot interact with a residual ghost because it is not aware of your presence. In fact, the residual ghost is not really present at all and is simply an image of a past event.

Haunting # 2 Intelligent Spirits

Intelligent spirits, sometimes referred to as earthbound spirits, can interact with you. No one knows for sure why the spirit of some people remain on earth, but paranormal investigators and researchers believe that the person has unfinished business to complete or is unaware that he has died. In some cases it appears the spirit lingers simply because it chooses not to pass on to the next realm. Intelligent ghosts may attempt to communicate with you by making sounds or moving objects. It may appear as an apparition that resembles the human form or appear as a mist. This ghost may react to your activities or respond to requests. Direct questioning during an EVP session may elicit direct responses.

Haunting #3 Inhuman Spirits

Inhuman spirits are not the spirit of someone who has passed away. These spirits were never human and may be referred to by some as evil spirits or demons. The goal of negative inhuman spirits appears to be to break the will of the individual in order to possess them. These spirits may manifest in a semi-human form, often half man and half beast. A horrific stench may accompany a haunting by an inhuman spirit. Angry growls emanating from the walls or appearing to come from all directions may be audible at all hours of the day or night. These spirits reportedly have great power and can hurl people and heavy objects across the room and have even been reported to cause occupants of the home to levitate.

Haunting # 4 Poltergeists
Poltergeists earn their name from the German for noisy ghost, but most paranormal investigators agree that a poltergeist really is not a ghost at all. The theory is that a person, usually an adolescent female, subconsciously causes objects to move, creates loud bangs and crashes with no known cause and other physical disturbances due to repressed rage or emotional upheaval. The telltale sign of poltergeist activity is that it begins with a sudden onset and generally disappears just as suddenly. It should be noted that not all poltergeist activity centers around an adolescent girl and that this theory has never been proven by scientific evidence.

Haunting # 5 Shadow People

Shadow people are shadowy figures that resemble a human. These beings often appear in corners or in dark hallways, but may be seen peering in doors or standing by the bed. The characteristic sign of a shadow person is fedora or top hat and what appears to be a dark cape. Shadow people have been reported across cultures by those who have no knowledge of prior descriptions, yet the descriptions remain largely the same. No one knows for sure what shadow people are but some believe they may be either alien or creatures from another dimension. Although shadow people appear to be harmless, extreme fear and a feeling of overwhelming dread often accompany a sighting.

If you experience paranormal activity in your home and don't know what to do then contact us at wiltshireparanormal@gmail.com.

~W.P.I  - Truth is both a passion and a science~

Haunted Places in Wiltshire - The D's


Yay January is over folks was that not the longest month ever?! Here's your daily instalment of the Haunted places in Wiltshire. Keep watching as we will be updating you with news on our first investigation soon!

1) Devizes - Black Swan hotel - Ambrose Sainsbury - Ambrose was named by the Paranormal Site Investigators team as one of the ghosts that haunts the hotel, one of the other entities being a murdered woman. To continue reading please follow us over to our new website here