Haunted Places in Wiltshire - The C's

Happy Monday everyone, hope you all had a good weekend. Sorry for the delay here are the C's :).

1) Calne - Road along Derry Hill - White Figure - A driver and his passenger spotted a white figure in the road in front of them as they drove late at night. Their sighting tied in with a local legend about the road being haunted by a person in white...(to continue reading follow this link to our new website http://www.wiltshireparanormal.co.uk/haunted-places-in-wiltshire/haunted-places-wiltshire-c/)

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Anonymous said...

Hi team i live in Amesbury and my old town has a few spirits and haunted locations i regularly search Wiltshire for haunted locations imber village(when its open ) a brilliant location but in looking for a very active location could you please head mrme in the direction of somewhere me and my usual crew can investigate?many thanks Simon :-) p.s i have to groups on facebook thesupernaturalworld also darkshadows if you would like to join :-),

The Team said...

Hello Simon, Avebury stones has been a good one for us, and so has the church of St Michael in Atworth. We are off to Barrow Gurney at the weekend so if you check back on the blog you will see our findings :). Our facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/WiltshireParanormal so will check out yours as well Jess

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